Services Hybrid Battery Replacement

It's a fact of life: batteries fail. Laptops can power down during presentations and cell phone calls can drop in the midst of a crisis. Now it seems that you can add cars to that oh-so-21st century list of worries.

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and why shouldn't they? Hybrid vehicles offer superior fuel economy to their gas-only counterparts, and they also give you a smooth drive with less noise. In addition to the savings you get on gas, you also reduce the harmful emissions your car can give off and help conserve the environment. It's totally a win-win for everyone involved.

Something you need to consider when you own or are thinking about purchasing a hybrid is it has two powertrains - not just the gas engine but the electric battery-powered motor it is paired with. Of course, at repair centers like ours we have techs who can service or replace your hybrid vehicle battery pack. But besides the expertise we bring to the table, we will recycle any used battery pack.